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Electric cars impress at Frankfurt Motor Show

16th September 2015
Electric cars impress at Frankfurt Motor Show

They may not be the most popular choice of vehicle, but now the biggest car manufacturers are getting involved in the electric car industry.

After many years of tiny efforts and delays to designs, the big players like BMW and Mercedes are now taking on the challenge of creating a battery-powered car.

They have even taken the step of suggesting that in ten years time, they won't be manufacturing any cars that don't include some sort of electric powertrain system.

The word 'hybrid' will soon be so common that there will be no need to mention it when referring to makes and models, say Mercedes.

The Frankfurt Motor Show

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi showed its hand with a battery-powered SUV that is rumoured to have a release date some time during 2018 and boasts a ridiculous 310 miles per charge - truly game changing in this industry.

Volkswagen announced their plans to launch 20 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2020.

It was Porsche that stole the show however. Their latest effort, labelled under 'Mission E', is similar in appearance to a 911 and can still hit 60mph in just 3.5 seconds using an 800-volt electric powertrain - that's fast.

With strengthening legislation coming from Europe, the popularity of electric cars is sure to grow over the coming years. The technology is improving all the time with miles-per-charge increasing and vehicle costs decreasing.

All of the big market leaders in this category are potentially fearful of the unknown Tesla presence. With the backing of billionaire Elon Musk, Tesla are expanding their plans to push into Europe and further worldwide.

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